What is Agreeder?

Agreeder is a new Online Voting System that allows you to quickly vote about a topic and take a decision in a matter of seconds.

In less than five minutes you can create a poll, share it with your friends or colleagues, vote, and see the result.

It's incredibly fast, it's easy, and it's free!

A poll in Agreeder is called "Agreed".

Login and Registration

You don't need to create an account to use Agreeder. Create the Agreed right away and share the link to vote. Everyone is free to vote, just by opening the link, without login or registration.

Multiple votes

The system allows you to vote multiple times from the same device, so if you are sitting at a table, you can just pass the devise to your friends and let them vote.

If this is a concern to you, you can register and start looking in the options Agreeder provides you. You can, for example, require that everyone creates an account before voting, so they cannot vote twice 😉

Private polls

If you are concerned that just by obtaining the link to your poll, everyone could vote, you can start using groups. By using groups you will allow only the group members to vote, for the highest level of security! The free plan allows you to create one group with three members, upgrade to the Professional Plan to allow up to 50 members!

Read more about the Online Voting System and the different levels of security offered by Agreeder.


The vote is super-easy and intuitive. You have just to drag and sort the options depending on your preference.

And the voting system is not only simple but also very powerful. Thanks to the very intuitive drag and drop system, you allow people to choose not only one or two options but up to five.

Read more about how you can easily sort your priorities.


The results are calculated through an elaborated Open Source algorithm, that will extract the result that maximizes the happiness of the participants. When is possible, it will also build a ranking of the options.

Can I trust the system?

Agreeder never manipulates or manage the polls that happen in the system. You can always double check the calculated results.