Sort your priorities

Agreeder is the perfect tool to organise your priorities. The simple drag and drop system allows you to quickly sort the options and decide what comes first.

What if you want to organise the next priorities at work, together with your colleagues?

Here we are building an Agreed to determine what the company's next priorities should be.

Shall we first hire a secretary or a release the next version of the software 💻?

Shall we first buy a billiard table 🎱 or organise a customer event 🎉?

Creating a poll (Agreed) is just a matter of seconds, and you'll be able to sort and organise your priorities right away.

You can quickly share the link to the Agreed via email to all your colleagues or friends, and they can vote right away with just one finger.

The easy and simple interface allow you to use drag 'n drop on all the options.

The one you place on the top is the most important, the one on the bottom is the less important.

If drag 'n drop is not your favourite way of voting, you can use the green arrow to move an option up of one place or the red arrow to move an option down of one place.

Agreeder uses the most powerful priority sorting algorithm: the Schulze method.

If you want to know more about why this is the best possible algorithm to sort your priorities, read about it in our sorting algorithm page.

Create your first Agreed now, and start setting your priorities collaboratively.